2020 Instructors

Chelsea Russell Potter

  • Former University of Iowa Feature Twirler

  • 4-Time Miss Majorette of America

  • 4-Time Grand National Twirling Champion

Lexi Duda

  • University of Maryland Feature Twirler

  • National Collegiate Twirling Champion

  • 3-time Miss Majorette of America

  • 3- time Grand National Twirling Champion

  • 3 -time World Solo & Rhythmic Champion

Savannah Miller

  • University of Arkansas Feature Twirler
  • National Collegiate Twirling Champion
  • Grand National Twirling Champion
  • World Solo, 2-baton and Rhythmic Champion
  • Team USA Captain
  • Grand Prix Solo & 2-baton Gold Medalist
  • Intn’l Cup Solo & 3-baton Gold Medalist
  • Bobby Foehlinger 2-baton Award Winner
  • Brooks Going Artistic Award Winner

Nicole Jensen

  • University of Georgia Feature Twirler
  • College Miss Majorette of America
  • Women’s collegiate Twirling Champion
  • Jr. Miss Majorette of America

John MItchell

  • Penn State Feature Twirler
  • Men’s National Collegiate Twirling Champion
  • Appeared on Showtime at the Apollo, 60 seconds of fame

Merribeth Carlson

  • Purdue University Golden Girl
  • 3-time Miss Majorette of America
  • Bronze medal at World Championships
  • Miss Illinois Outstanding Teen 2007
  • Miss Indiana 2012

Courtney Patterson White

  • North Carolina State Feature Twirler
  • World Open Freestyle Champion
  • World Open Strut Champion

PJ Burkin

  • Former College Miss Majorette of America
  • Collegiate National Twirling Champion
  • Blue Sapphire for Penn State University
  • Led Penn State Blue Band down run way at Marc Jacobs fashion show

Jonathan Burkin

  • WBTF World Gold medalist-senior pairs (2014)
  • 3 Time USTA Men's Grand National Champion
  • 3 Time NBTA Men's National Champion
  • 5 Time Men's Congressional Cup Invitational Champion
  • Season 3 semi finalist, America's Got Talent