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Southeast Camp of Champions has become the premier camp in the Southeast.  Great pride is taken in providing instruction for twirlers and dance teams  of all ages and skill levels.  No where will you find a staff comprised of so many “world-class” instructors.  Not only do their accomplishments speak for themselves but they work hard to fine tune the skills of each camp participant.



Message from Directors Ashley Clark and Katy Fleming Tracy:

As camp directors, we constantly strive to make the Southeast Camp of Champions one of the best in the nation. Yearly, we offer instruction in strut, solo, and 2/3 baton. Dance twirl, feature twirler, majorette lines and novelty classes have always been popular.  Of course, body work, reinforcement of technique and extra classes on rolls are an important part of camp instruction.  Auxiliary directors, coaches, and teachers bring their own music and find the experience of highly qualified instructors invaluable as they leave camp with routines ready to perform for the upcoming season. Mini-camp provides novice and 1st time twirlers with 3 hours of daily instruction.  Competitive twirlers find the Kid 2 National Program (K2N) beneficial as they make last minute preparations for Nationals.  Expertise from former champions allows individual routines to be critiqued and polished.  Practice contests help boost confidence in a competitive environment.  Campers also seek private lessons from “world-class” instructors as a way to improve and expand their skills.  Of course, Johnny’s famous “world-class” step class has become a yearly favorite among all campers.  Regardless of age or skill you will not want to miss the most exciting Auxiliary and Competition Instruction in America!

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